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Laying a fire and Lighting a King Alfred Cake

Learn how to lay a 'waffle' or 'criss-cross' fire and watch the wonders of the King Alfred Cake coils when lit.

Make a Picture Frame

Video to follow, instructions underneath video

Learn how to tie a 'clove hitch' and 'square lash' to make nature arts or a noughts and crosses game

Make a Picture or a Game Frame

Resources: Twigs, string, acorns/conkers/buttons, small twigs/lollipop sticks

How to make:

1. Tie a clove hitch on the ond of one twig.

2. Square lash another stick to the end of the clove hitched stick and tie off with a knot.

3. Repeat on all the stick ends until you have a secure frame.

4. If you want a picture frame, the you have finished!

5.To make a grid for a mage such as, noughts and crosses, then attach four pieces of string/wool, two on each side.

6. Choose what you are going to use as the nought e.g. button, conker, acorn and the cross e.g. lollipop stick, small twigs.

7. Play the game or create art in nature or simply look inside your frame and note or draw what you see.

Note: Take a look on my Facebook page to learn how to tie a clove hitch and how to square lash.

Observing Nature, Finding Creatures

       How to make          a Bird Fat Ball Feeder

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