February Half Term Forest Schools

Come and join a day of imagination, exploration and experiences.  Forest Schools allows children to play, craft and learn about the natural world around us.  Build a den or shelter to sleep under, make woodland monsters and toast marshmallows by the campfire.much more.


Dive Right In

There are two booking options.

Option 1:  Book 1 day ticket for £40

                       Book 10 day  tickets for £360

These day tickets can be taken at any point during the calendar year.

Option 2:  Block book to receive 10% from day 3.  

1 day  =  £40

2 days = £80

 3 days = £116

 4 days = £152

 5 days = £180

These day bookings must be taken within the given holiday break e.g. within the Easter holiday.

Siblings booked on the same day, one will receive a 10% off the full day price.

Curious Roots Birthday Parties.

Book your child's birthday party with Curious Roots.  
Choose what type of party you would like. either Wildcraft (minecraft outdoors) or choose from a selection of experiences such as; den building, design and build your own obstacle course, create a zip wire; learn how to sheer and square lash to create a frame that can be turned into a noughts and crosses game or a weaving frame.  
All birthdays can include hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows!
We can also provide forest school party bags, options and photo's to follow...


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